What is it about C.A.T.S. Home Inspection School that makes it the premiere home inspection school of New York State?

About C.A.T.S. Home Inspection School

  1. Flexibility of scheduling: Start ANY month, and finish the entire program with evening classes only.
  2. We run on a four-month continuous cycle. Over eight months you have two opportunities at every class.
  3. Convenient Locations all over New York State. Zoom classes also available.

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C.A.T.S. (Certified Adult Training School), began in 2007. To meet the real world needs of our students we offer a convenient teaching and training model. We provide a meaningful and manageable course schedule to fit everyone’s busy life.

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C.A.T.S. combines classroom teaching with hands on practical inspections. This saves you time and provides a well rounded experience. Our instructors are all professionals that provide real feedback and support.

This is far different from the old school home inspection courses. They are intensive and monotonous. Long daytime classroom hours with practice inspections tacked on at the end. This method leaves little to no time for real feedback. This means an exhaustive amount of information in a short period of time. Which in turn leaves students with a limited chance of success. Even if this method gets you past the New York State exam, will it set you up for success?

C.A.T.S. students have the convenience of classes and training that does not not interfere with their day jobs. Our students are much better informed. Not only about the technical aspects of the job. We also train the practical experience of building a home inspection business.

Most importantly, our graduates are succeeding! Our graduates’ success is our success.

Check out more information on our Home Inspector Licensing program.

Now that you know more about C.A.T.S. Home Inspection School, take your first step to an exciting new career path!

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