We don't just teach you how to become a successful home inspector. We train you.

  1. Flexibility of scheduling: Start ANY month, and finish the entire program with evening classes only.
  2. Get licensed, certified as a NYS Home Inspector on a flexible schedule.
  3. We are on a four-month continuous cycle. So, over 8 months, you have two opportunities at EVERY class.


The best training in the industry combined with affordable monthly payments.

When Can I Start?

Start on the 1st Tuesday of any month. Evening classes are held Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 till 10:00 PM.

Electronic Reporting System

Accurate and easy to use reporting system at no additional cost.

The Most Flexible Home Inspection School in New York State: C.A.T.S.

I’m the owner of C.A.T.S. Home Inspection School, Dan Osborn. I entered this business more than twelve years ago. I noticed a big problem with the traditional training method. Prospective home inspectors would have to put everything else aside to become educated. This time could often be over a month! Most of us don’t have the luxury of putting everything else aside for a month to pursue a new career.

As it often does, life happens. Interruptions are bound to happen with such a dense schedule. Living your life shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing a career in home inspection. The traditional training methods are inflexible. Students would often lose their progress and have to wait long stretches to try again. Many times they would also lose their initial investment.

C.A.T.S. Home Inspection School solved these problems. Get your training right the first time by taking classes at night. We also offer the opportunity to retake a class when it comes up again on a set schedule, within four months. Even then, only re-take what you missed, not the entire course or module.

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Your opportunity for a successful career change!

Imagine how much another $400 per week would mean to you and your family. In as little as 4 months / 2 evenings a week you can be earning income in the growing field of Home Inspection.

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C.A.T.S. Philosophy

A three to four week crash course is not viable to train successful home inspectors. A career in home inspecting requires time and planning. The knowledge and practice of home inspection requires time. As does the preparation to build a business. There is no substitute. That is why at C.A.T.S. we afford you four months of teaching and training that’s crucial for success.

Our four month training program allows students to learn the job correctly. It also helps you build a network of referrals. Learn how to plan, organize, and build a solid business with C.A.T.S.

The evening schedule allows students to continue their day job as they transition into a new career as a licensed home inspector. Home Inspection Training classes start at the beginning of every month.

What Our Students Say

Mark S Fusco

Home Inspector

"CATS Home Inspection School afforded me the flexibility to attend school during evenings and weekends and thoroughly prepared me for all aspects of being a home inspector. Now that I am a licensed inspector, CATS continues to provide support and is a valuable resource to my business."

Daniel Jesco

Jesco Home Inspection

"I enjoyed the classes and the field work, and found it helped me greatly to start and run my own inspection company. The fact that the school offers personal support long after the schooling was over is priceless to me and is helping me to succeed."

Scott M McLaughlin

Cornerstone Companies

"I researched several companies and decided on CATS home inspection school. Looking back it was definitely the correct decision. The flexibility in class scheduling allowed me to keep my current job while studying for the state exam and gain critical home inspection experience."

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